Mahler Ballroom





    BALLROOM RENTAL*** for four hours is $3000 on Saturdays with a $2000 deposit to secure the date. Ballroom Rental for four hours Sunday through Friday is $2000 with an $1000 deposit to secure the date. A $1,000 balance is due thirty days after the initial deposit or ten days prior to your event, whichever is sooner. Additional hourly rental is $600. Chairs and 66' round tables which seat 10 persons and an private outdoor Conservatory lounge area with beautiful plantings and seating are included in the ballroom rental. A gated parking lot is included to accommodate 70 vehicles.

    WEDDING CEREMONY PACKAGE is $2000 with seating for up to 150 guests for the ceremony.  The Wedding Ceremony Package adds 2 extra hours to the Ballroom Rental for your Ceremony.  The Bride and maids may change into their gowns in the Bridal Suite.

    LIGHTING PACKAGE is $350. This includes your personalized selection of a color for up lighting on the balcony and exterior of building; and a lighted monogram on the dance floor. 

    BAR PACKAGE offerings for four hours:

    1. Rail Bar is $21/ guest plus tax & service charge: includes liquor, bar staff, wine, bottled beer, sodas mixes, etc. (Under 21 y/o is $8)
    2. Call Bar is $25/ guest plus tax & service charge using higher-grade liquor.
    3. Premium Bar is $31/ guest plus tax & service charge using premium liquors.
    4. Wine and Beer Bar is $18/ guest plus tax & service charge and includes sodas.
    5. Non-alcoholic Bar is $8/ guest plus tax & service charge
    6. Additional Bar service $3/ guest plus tax & service charge.
    7. Satellite bar is available for a $500 service charge.
    8. Table side wine service during dinner $2/guest service charge.

    The Final Bar payment is due ten days prior to your event.

    GRAND PIANO RENTAL is $50.00 per event(excludes pianist).

    Features of the Ballroom

    Situated in St. Louis' fashionable Central West End, the Mahler Ballroom contains:

    • 24' High Ceilings with 8 feet high arched Rococo Style Moldings.
    • 4,000 square foot Ballroom with Stage and Hard Rock Maple Floors.  
    • Modern bar with entry from Ballroom and Foyer.
    • Table and chair setup included.
    • Ballroom Seating capacity is 240 guests
    • Cocktail Party capacity is 400 guests
    • Gated parking lot adjacent to ballroom which accommodates 75 cars.

    CATERERS: You may use any caterer you wish as long as they are licensed. We suggest MaryAnn's Tea Room, Farottos, Orlando's, Hendri's, and Patty Long.

    SHOWINGS  are by appointment...CALL TODAY!   

    Contact Ken Fowler at or 314-361-4411.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    (p): (314) 361-4411

    4915 Washington Blvd
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